Digiwise team has extensive experience in optimising and digitalising production and business processes

Our team has been providing business consultancy services since 2002. In the past six years, we have specialised in consulting in the development and digitalisation of business processes.



From analysis to implementation

Digital audits

  • Thorough mapping of processes
  • Creating a roadmap for digitalisation
  • Assessing the impact of digitalisation and automation investments

Business process development and digitalisation

  • Mapping and analysing of bottlenecks and issues in the company’s business processes
  • A detailed description of the IT solutions and other investments necessary for improving the efficiency of the processes, and analysing their impact

Execution and robotisation of projects

  • Execution of digitalisation projects and implementation of digital solutions
  • Compilation of project applications for digitalisation, automation and robotisation projects
  • Robotisation audits for industrial companies (in cooperation with our partners)
Lauri Antalainen
Lauri Antalainen



The company’s Chief Consultant Lauri Antalainen has provided consultancy services in business development to more than 50 companies since 2002. Lauri graduated MSc Cum Laude in Business Information Technology from Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech). His master’s thesis was deemed TalTech’s best in the information society category. Lauri has presented at several seminars and conferences, where he has shared his expertise on process development and digitalisation.

Where to

The first step is to contact us. Describe the size of your company, its area of activity and current operational logic. We will then give you an assessment as to whether and how we can be of best service to you.

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