Digiwise leads the conversation on the use of artificial intelligence in industry.

Author: Elo Gaver

On 13 April 2022, “Artificial Intelligence in Industry and Support Measures”, the fifth event of the AI & Robotics Estonia club, took place in the Yanu OÜ premises in Tartu. Digiwise was there to lead the discussion on the use of artificial intelligence in industry. The participants who shared their thoughts included Karl Kruusamäe from University of Tartu, Oskar Kilk from TORM Metall OÜ, Marko Saviauk from Leanest OÜ and Alan Adojaan from Yanu OÜ. The discussion was moderated by Lauri Antalainen.

During the conversation, the participants exchanged experiences on the topic of prejudices related to robots. It has often been necessary to convince companies that robots can be trained to do what humans do, and in some respects, robots can be even more efficient in doing the same job. However, the fact that training a robot is a time-consuming process should certainly not be ignored.
Another idea that emerged was that if there is a desire to get something done, a solution can always be found. A good example of this was the Yanu OÜ robot bar – after experiencing bottlenecks in how bars function, the founders came up with an idea to solve them, and the result is a fully self-functioning contactless robot bar.

As the event took place in Tartu, Katrin Kask, head of the Department of Business Development at Tartu City Government, presented support measures for the financing of production and digitisation for companies based in Tartu.

Kersti Kuusalu spoke about the digitisation journey among Estonian companies, and Kirke Maar introduced the future of AIRE and financial advisory services.

The highlight of the evening was testing the robot bar, which was accompanied by great food and pleasant company.