ELMO Rent received a large grant from Enterprise Estonia.

Author: Elo Gaver

ELMO Rent has been developing its remote-controlled car and controller technology for over a year. While currently the rental car is delivered to the customer by an ELMO driver, then after the introduction of remote-control technology, the car will reach the customer by remote control. Therefore, the introduction of new technology reduces the cost of delivering a car to the customer and increases the efficiency of car use.

ELMO Rent is satisfied with the opportunities offered in Estonia for the implementation of various innovations. “Estonia is the only right place for developing and testing innovation, and if we can speed up the global conquest of green technology in cooperation with the state, then everyone will win,” said Enn Laansoo Jr., founder of ELMO Rent. “The purpose of Enterprise Estonia is to support ambitious companies such as ELMO Rent in challenges related to export and product development so that their developmental leap is as big as possible,” said Peeter Raudsepp, Head of Enterprise Estonia. So, Enterprise Estonia simply needed someone to formalise the reception of support successfully.


Digiwise consultant Tomi Meitus accepted the challenge and is glad to be able to help ELMO Rent take its development to the next level. As the grant received will help ELMO Rent complete the processes of remote-controlled cars, Tomi hopes to see remote-controlled cars on city streets soon.