Estiko-Plastar can invest in a better future by implementing green technologies.

Author: Elo Gaver

Estiko-Plastar AS approached Digiwise with an ambitious desire to modernise production and bring a new sustainable and innovative product category to the market. Our part in this process was to help Estiko-Plastar think through the project plan and the financial calculations related to the new product as well as to find additional financing for investments.

Estiko-Plastar’s daily commitment to constantly move towards more environmentally friendly solutions, their strategic choices, post-processing, and extrusion have been a direct indicator for other production companies as well as customers. Therefore, we wanted to contribute to taking the next steps and helped to find additional funding for the implementation of the project.

The goal of the Estonian-Norwegian cooperation programme is to support the sustainable development of companies, and we helped Estiko-Plastar prepare a project. It received a very high score from the project committee and received funding, too. During the project, a new printing machine, an additional plastic regranulation device to increase recycling, and a laser cleaning device for the environmentally friendly cleaning of aniloxes used in printing machines were placed in the production building. The existing afterburner will also be expanded as part of the project, and additional developments will be carried out for resource planning software. To make all this possible, the production building was expanded. Many new jobs are planned to be created through the project. Given the challenging times in the industry, this is undoubtedly welcome news.

The Digiwise team is happy that the project prepared with our help was successfully launched. In the meantime, we have also carried out the next cooperation project with Estiko-Plastar in assessing the company’s readiness for artificial intelligence.