Masterclass of Digitalization

Enterprise Estonia in cooperation with Digiwise, BDA Consulting, Lean Digital, and FlowIT invites manufacturing companies to join the Masterclass of Digitalization! The Masterclass is a three-month program aimed at manufacturing companies that are interested in digitalizing their processes.

With the help of consultants and personal mentor, the participating companies can identify the most critical process to be digitalized. During the programme they find out what data is really necessary, where does it come from and who needs it. The team then makes a plan, finds a suitable digital solution, and takes the first steps to implement the change.

The Masterclass of digitalization offers companies a great chance to use the help of experts on the topic. Companies often have a vision about how things should be, but they lack the knowledge on how to get there. During the programme, companies have the possibility to make things happen, using the help from consultants and experts who are experienced in finding the most suitable solutions.

The Masterclass of digitalization is also a contest – the main prize for the best team is 10 000 euros. The grant can be used to implement all the necessary changes in digitalization.

Additional information about the program can be found here.  (in Estonian) Applications are open until 19th of February 2021