Digitalisation of manufacturing through practical experience

Digiwise and TietoEVRY are organising a webinar on digitalisation called ‘Digitalisation of manufacturing through practical experience’.

During the seminar, participants will learn whether and how to make a company’s processes more efficient through digitalisation, what is necessary to consider when digitalising processes, and share experiences from practice.

We will talk about data, which are at least equally as important as processes in a company. Data are a company’s main asset for making management decisions and ensuring the efficiency of processes.

We will share tips on starting a digital journey and implementing projects. We will also introduce support measures that can help you plan your journey.

Topics will be opened by Lauri Antalainen, Chief Consultant at Digiwise, and Tarvo Avaste, Lead Analyst at TietoEVRY. More information and registration here: Digital advantage for businesses and societies | TietoEVRY