The first class of Digitalisation Masterclass has graduated

18 companies have successfully graduated from the three-month Digitalisation Masterclass that started this year in March and lasted for three months.

Enterprise Estonia, in partnership with Digiwise, BDA Consulting, Lean Digital and FlowIT, offered a development opportunity to manufacturing companies interested in digitalisation. Under the programme, companies were given the opportunity to draw up a plan for digitalising their most critical work process with a personal mentor. With the help of practical guidance and mentoring, the companies started to implement changes.

In the Masterclass, two companies – Plastok and Lasita Aken – were under the guidance of Digiwise. In the corporate competition, they came second and third, respectively, after Interconnect Product Assembly. More important than ranking companies, however, is the change in mindset, which the participants recognised – the digitalisation of some work processes results in free resources that can be redirected into business growth.

Lasita Aken participated in the programme because they felt they could no longer go faster and further with the existing solutions. In the course of the programme, they found a way to reduce the time to enter data per employee from ten hours to two, and use the time saved to increase production by 20%.

For more information and to register for the Digitalisation Masterclass Spring 2022 programme, click here: Digitaliseerimise meistriklassi esimese lennu kogemus – EAS